After your 20-minute telephone interview, you can choose to share your insurance content in a wide variety of formats. It’s easy to reinforce your message and broaden its reach by choosing one or more of our content product options.

Not sure what you want?  Start with the basic article and then decide from there.  You can add on additional content products whenever you want, one day, one month, or one year after your interview.

Basic Interview-Style Article

This is a question and answer format article that all clients receive.  It will be provided to you via electronic file as a Word document, which can easily be added to your website, printed as a leave-behind, or sent to a trade publication, etc.

Formatted version of the Interview-style Article

Your great content should make a great impression, so why not have us turn it into an attractive, magazine-format document.  Appropriate images, a column layout, and creative use of type will give the article the professional look that it deserves.  Use it as a sell sheet/leave-behind, as general promotional material, an advertorial in a trade publication, etc.  We can provide it as an electronic pdf file and/or do the printing for you.

Press Release

We’ll find the news hook in your great content and produce a press release designed to win free media coverage.  Your release can be sent to traditional mainstream media, industry-specific venues, and the brave new world of social media outlets.  Distribute it yourself or we can do it for you.

Blog Posts

Blogs are a great way for you to share your expertise with potential customers and industry colleagues alike. Keeping a blog fresh and relevant is a big commitment but we can help make it easier for you.   Based on your initial interview, we’ll create up to five blog posts for you to share on your company or personal blog. (Don’t have a blog but want to get started?  We’ll show you how.)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We make sure that the content we produce for you meets the latest standards in search engine optimization (techniques that help search engines like Google find your content and place it higher on the search results page). 

But what about the rest of your website?  Are you sure that the right keyword phrases appear on your pages?  And how about the meta tags – the code that describes what’s on your pages – who’s responsible for that? A strategic approach to these (let’s be honest, they’re tedious) tasks can make a huge difference. You don’t have the time or experience to do it, but we do.

Basic Interview-Style Article

Capacity Coverage Company, a commercial and personal insurance brokerage, is using customer-centric content to stand out in the trucking insurance marketplace.

Formatted version (of the Interview-style Article)

A savvy broker helps explain a complex moving and storage trucking insurance issue in a piece that he uses as collateral material and on his website.

Press Release

This press release, developed from the content in the example above, was picked up by several different business sites, including

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