The Content 4 Insurance Content Process


It all begins with a 20-minute interview.

Our interviews are conducted by phone and are moderated by one of our professional copywriters who specialize in the insurance industry.  We know the insurance business, so we know how to ask the right questions to get the best from you. 

 The conversation is recorded and transcribed, so there’s never any confusion about what was said.

You pick the subject.

But remember, this is not a profile of your company - that belongs on your About Us page.  Instead, think about how you can best help your insurance customers and position your insurance company as a trusted resource. 

Take an objective look at new products and services in your industry.  Put a new spin on some conventional wisdom.  Remind your customers of potential pitfalls or loopholes.  Suggest a solution to a typical customer problem. 

You pick the person to be interviewed.

The best choice may be the President/CEO, but donít make that your automatic decision. Think about who best can articulate your company’s expertise on the subject - especially producers who specialize in niche markets.

When you showcase your staff, you establish greater credibility with prospective customers.  They’ll see that you have a deep bench waiting to serve them.  (and it’s great for employee morale!). 

You pick the date and time. 

We accommodate your busy schedule for the interview. You pick the date and time. Within three business days, we’ll produce a professional interview-style article (question and answer format), generally 800-1,000 words, that can be posted on your website. 

But why stop there?

With the interview, you’ve taken the first step of showing potential insurance customers why they should give you their business.  You’ve established your company as an expert in the field and as a source for objective, credible information.

Without any additional time or effort on your part, we can turn your 20-minute interview into many other forms of great content.  Maximize the impact of your content for a very affordable price. 

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